Graupner LiPo Balancer Charger 3-4S


Graupner LiPo Balancer Charger 3-4S


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LiPo Balancer Lader3-4S XH-Ste Graupner S2034 Description:
Microprocessor-controlled charger with integrated balancer for lithium batteries (LiPo, LiIo).
7-segment LED voltage display and charge
status display For LiPo batteries from 800 mAh at least 30 C or from 1.2 Ah with at least 20 C with 3 – 4 cells and XH balancer connection
Charging power: approx. 40 W
Charging current: max. 3 A
weight approx. 135 g.
High charging efficiency and high charging precision.
Automatic test and detection of three and four cell batteries.
For XH balancer plugs.
Technical data
connector: XH
Width [mm]: 60 mm
Height [mm]: 26 mm
Weight [g]: 135 g
Max. Charging current [A]: 3 A
Number of cells LiPo, Lilo: 3 – 4
Length [mm]: 98 mm
Input voltage AC [V / Hz]: 100 … 240 V; Hz; AC
dimensions [LxWxH in mm]: 98 x 60 x 26 mm
Connection socket type: XH
Mains plug / power supply included ?: yes
Batteries or rechargeable batteries included ?: no
Max. Charging power mains operation [W]: 40 W