ZTW AL Series 2-4S 20A


ZTW AL Series 2-4S 20A Electric Speed Controller


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Programmable functions:
1. Brake Setting
2. Battery Type(LiPo or NiCd/NiMh)
3. Low Voltage Cutoff Setting
4. Factory Default Setup Restore
5. Timing Settings (to enhance ESC efficiency and smoothness)
6. Soft Acceleration Start Ups (for delicate gearbox and helicopter applications)
7. Governor Mode (for helicopter applications)
8. Motor Rotation(clockwisecounterclockwise)
9. Switching Frequency
10. Low Voltage Cut-off Type (power reduction or immediate shutdown


Type: AL-20A
Weight: 23g
Constant Current:20A (30A burst)
BEC: Yes, 5V/2A, linear
Input: 2 to 4 Li-Po, or 4 to 10 Ni-MH/Ni-Cd

1 x ESC