Kingcobra P-63C “Tipsy Miss” Airplane ARF



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Aeroclass Hobby Shockproof Repairable PET Tech P-63 Kingcobra “Tipsy Miss” Airplane

Legendary WWII Fighter Replica
Nickname Origin: The P-63 Kingcobra “Tipsy Miss” gained its nickname from its unusual behavior during flight tests. Reportedly, the aircraft exhibited a tendency to rock or “tip” unpredictably, leading to its affectionate but somewhat humorous moniker.

Unique Modifications: “Tipsy Miss” was known for its distinctive modifications, which aimed to improve its performance and combat capabilities. These alterations often included tweaks to its aerodynamics, engine, and armament, tailored to the specific needs of its pilots and missions.

Combat Service: Despite its quirks, “Tipsy Miss” served admirably in various combat theaters during World War II. It participated in missions ranging from air superiority and ground attack to reconnaissance, showcasing its versatility and effectiveness in different roles.

Experimental Testing: Beyond its operational use, the P-63 Kingcobra “Tipsy Miss” also played a role in experimental testing and research endeavors. Engineers and test pilots utilized the aircraft to explore new technologies, tactics, and strategies, contributing valuable insights to aviation development.

Legacy and Preservation: While many P-63 Kingcobras were scrapped or lost over time, “Tipsy Miss” holds a special place in aviation history. Efforts to preserve and honor this unique aircraft continue, with some examples restored and displayed in museums or private collections, ensuring its story lives on for future generations.


Brand: Aeroclass Hobby

Model: P-63 Kingcobra ?Pretty Polly?

Version: ARF

Color: Red

Material: Plastic Foam

Wingspan: 980mm (38 in)

Fuselage Length: 820mm (32 in)

Flying Weight:

Additionally included in the package: assembly instructions.

Installed parts:

Motor or analog: brushless motor D2830-8 1300kV

Prop: 8x6E GEMFAN

ESC: 30A

Servo: 9g *4pcs

Note: Transmitter, receiver, battery, charger, glue are NOT included.

Assembly Level: Minimal effort is required to assemble the model.


The fuselage is resistant to damage.

You can have peace of mind after a plane crash. The fuselage and wing withstand collisions with the ground.

The fuselage and wing are easily repaired.

A radio-controlled airplane model made using bottle technology does not require a rigid frame.

The semi-copy model uses the original designations of the real Kingcobra.

Minimal effort is required to assemble the model.

Enjoy the assembly process and fun flight.