Kingcobra P-63 “Pretty Polly” KIT version



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PET Dogfighter P-63 Kingcobra 1/12 Shockproof Repairable Airplane KIT


AEROCLASS Shockproof Repairable Bottle Tech Hobby US Air Force P-63 Kingcobra 1M Wingspan Aircraft Kit


Brand: Aero class Hobby

Model: P-63 Kingcobra “Pretty Polly”

Version: KIT, Dogfighter

Color: No color

Material: Plastic Foam

Wingspan: 980mm

Fuselage Length: 820mm

Flying Weight: 600g

Additionally included in the package: assembly instructions, templates for cutting parts, decals, aircraft drawing (general view).

Recommended Parts (Not Included in the KIT Version):

Motor: brushless motor 2212 – 1400 Kv

Prop: 8×4, 8×6

ESC: 30A

Servo: 9g *3pcs

BATT: 11.1V 1300mAh 3S 30-40C, XT-60 connector

RX: ≥4CH

Note: Transmitter, Charger and Glue are NOT included.

Assembly Level: This kit is not for beginners. You need scratch build skill and fabricating experience to complete this model.


  1. The fuselage is resistant to damage.
  2. You can have peace of mind after a plane crash. The fuselage and wing withstand collisions with the ground.
  3. The fuselage and wing are easily repaired.
  4. A radio-controlled airplane model made using bottle technology does not require a rigid frame.
  5. Еasy to paint. You can choose the color of the aircraft yourself.
  6. A set of blanks is intended for modellers who have skills and want to make a model “for themselves”.
  7. Enjoy the assembly process and fun flight.

This is a kit, not a finished product. You need to build it yourself!