Kingcobra RP-63A-12 Airplane ARF



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Aeroclass Hobby Shockproof Repairable PET Foam Kingcobra RP-63A-12 Airplane

Legendary WWII Fighter Replica

This P-63 is painted in the unusual colour scheme of a ‘pinball’ RP-63A. Aerial gunnery students fired at these manned target aircraft (RP-63A and RP-63C) using .30-cal. lead and plastic frangible machine gun bullets which disintegrated harmlessly against the target’s external armor plating. Special instruments sent impulses to red lights in the nose of the ‘pinball’ aircraft, causing them to blink if a hit was registered.
This champion model of the aircraft was flown and tuned for participation in competitions ”F4H Igno Mikalausko Taure 2023″ (Silute, LT, 2023-08-19). Took 1st and 3rd place prizes.


Brand: Aeroclass Hobby

Model: Kingcobra RP-63A-12

Version: ARF

Color: Red

Material: Plastic Foam

Wingspan: 980mm (38 in)

Fuselage Length: 820mm (32 in)

Flying Weight: 565g / 1.2 lbs

Additionally included in the package: assembly instructions.

Installed parts:

Motor or analogy: XA2212 1400kV

Prop: 8x6E GEMFAN

ESC: 30A

Servo: 9g *4pcs

Note: Transmitter, receiver, battery, charger are NOT included.

Assembly Level: Minimal effort is required to assemble the model.


The fuselage is resistant to damage.

You can have peace of mind after a plane crash. The fuselage and wing withstand collisions with the ground.

The fuselage and wing are easily repaired.

A radio-controlled airplane model made using bottle technology does not require a rigid frame.

The semi-copy model uses the original designations of the real Kingcobra.

Minimal effort is required to assemble the model.

Enjoy the assembly process and fun flight.