Kingcobra P-63C “Hosler” ARF



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Aeroclass Hobby Shockproof Repairable PET Tech P-63C Kingcobra Hosler Airplane

Legendary WWII Fighter Replica

The P-63C Kingcobra, produced by the Hosler Aircraft Corporation, epitomizes a pinnacle of World War II aviation ingenuity. Renowned for its robust design and formidable firepower, it stands as a symbol of American engineering prowess. Armed with a potent arsenal including a nose-mounted 37mm cannon and .50 caliber machine guns, it struck fear into adversaries. Its powerful Allison V-1710 engine propels it to remarkable speeds, making it a formidable force in aerial combat. With its advanced features and lethal armament, the P-63C Kingcobra remains an enduring icon of aviation history, embodying the innovation and excellence of its era.


Brand: Aeroclass Hobby

Model: P-63C Kingcobra

Version: ARF

Color: Black

Material: Plastic Foam

Wingspan: 980mm (38 in)

Fuselage Length: 820mm (32 in)

Flying Weight: 590g (1.3lbs) with batt 1300mAh or 653g (1.4lbs) with batt 2200 mAh

Additionally included in the package: assembly instructions.

Installed parts:

Motor or analog: brushless motor D2830-8 1300kV

Prop: 8×3.8

ESC: 30A

Servo: 9g *4pcs

Note: Transmitter, receiver, battery, charger, glue are NOT included.

Assembly Level: Minimal effort is required to assemble the model.


The fuselage is resistant to damage.

You can have peace of mind after a plane crash. The fuselage and wing withstand collisions with the ground.

The fuselage and wing are easily repaired.

A radio-controlled airplane model made using bottle technology does not require a rigid frame.

The semi-copy model uses the original designations of the real Kingcobra.

Minimal effort is required to assemble the model.

Enjoy the assembly process and fun flight.