Redox Classic 6 Mode 2


6 kanalų. Mode 2.


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Redox Classic 6 is a universal, 6-channel digital modeling transmitter, offered as a set with a compatible Redox RDX.6 receiver.

The transmitter has 5 proportional channels, 1 switch channel (0/1) as well as built-in Elevon and Aileron mixers, Dual / Rates for ch. 1, 2 and 4, and electronic trimmers and reverses for can. 1-4.

The bar system of Classic 6 apparatus classifies it primarily as a transmitter intended for operating flying models (airplanes, helicopters, drones), however, the apparatus can also be successfully used for models moving on the water (boats, motorboats, yachts) and on paved surfaces ( cars).

The transmission range of the transmitter signal, depending on the receiver used, can be from about 800 to 1500 meters (in optimal conditions and undisturbed working environment).

Characteristics of the Redox Classic 6 transmitter :

Number of channels: 6x PWM + 1x SBUS

Supported model types: Airplanes, UAVs, Helicopters, Cars, Boats

Frequency / Modulation: 2.4 GHz S-FHSS, FSK (1024p.)

Working voltage: 4.8 – 6 V

Current consumption (own): ~ 120 mA

Weight: 434 g (approx. 525 g with batteries)

Power supply: 4x AA NiMH rechargeable battery or 4x LR6 alkaline batteries

Low voltage alarm: Yes

Receiver in the set: Redox RDX. 6

Number of channels: 6x PWM + 1x SBUS

Frequency / Modulation: 2.4 GHz S-FHSS, FSK

Working voltage: 3.5 – 7.4 V (max. 2s LiPo)

Compatible with HV servos: Yes

Weight: 7.2 g

Sizes: 35 x 22.5 x 9 (12) mm

Antenna length: 160 mm