HobbyWing Skywalker 30A


Skywalker 30A


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The lowest range of Hobbywing controllers for aerospace applications.
Permanent current 30A, peak current 40A.
Linear BEC 5V 2A.
Power 2-3S.
Weight 37g.
Dimensions 68.0×25.0x8.0mm.

The brushless, sensorless programmable microprocessor controller designed using state-of-the-art semiconductor technology with excellent user-friendly features while keeping it simple and user-friendly. It is used to control the speed of AC motors in recreational aircraft models when powered by NiCd / NiMH and Li-poly / Li-ion batteries. It is equipped with a linear BEC power stabilizer providing power to the receiver and servo from the battery. The special Hobbywing LED programming card, which is supplied separately, is easy to set up.


Extremely low internal resistance thanks to the new generation of power MOSFET transistors.
Suitable for the bulk of aviation AC motors powered by 2-3S LiPo / Li-ion or 5-9 NiCd / NiMH batteries.
For power from NiCd, NiMH, Li-poly, Li-ion batteries
Linear BEC 5,0 V power stabilizer with load capacity up to 2 A.
Adjustable timing for optimal adaptation to the engine.
Adjustable PCO circuit – motor disconnection when the supply voltage drops.
Safe switching (prevents start-up of the engine).
Overload protection (when the temperature reaches 110 ° C, the controller limits power).
Automatic gas withdrawal at loss of control signal.
Smooth linear gas regulation.
Simple programming and setting using transmitter or Hobbywing LED programming card.
Gas range calibration for perfect adjustment of the control signal from your RC kit.

Programmable brake (Off – On).
Optional type of accumulator (Li-poly or NiCd / NiMH).
Adjustable way of disconnecting the motor when the supply voltage drops (power reduction or immediate disconnection).
Adjustable cut-off voltage for motor disconnection, PCO – Overload protection for accumulators. (Lithium battery: 2.85 V / cell, 3.15 V / cell, 3.3 V / NiXX battery: 0% / 50% / 65% of the initial voltage value)
Resetting the controller settings to the factory default settings.
Adjustable timing – to increase efficiency and optimize engine adaptation – Low (3.75 °), Medium (15 °), High (26.25 °)
Adjustable soft start for gearbox and helicopter engines in three stages: Normal (300 ms) / Soft (1.5 s) / Super soft (3 s).

Startup protection: If the engine does not spin within 2 seconds after the gas has been added, the controller disconnects the engine.
Thermal protection: If the temperature of the controller exceeds 110 ° C, the controller will limit the output power.
Gas signal loss: The controller limits power if the signal is missing for 1 s; signal missing for more than 2 seconds will cause the motor to be completely disconnected.
Tip: When calibrating the controller for the first time, first calibrate the gas range as instructed. It is only then that the controller can be used and other parameters can be set using the transmitter or LED of the programming card.