Volantex RC Phoenix 2400 6 Channel Glider with 2.4 Meter 759-3 PNP


Volantex RC Phoenix 2400


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Volantex RC Phoenix 2400 6-CH Glider with 2400 mm wings 759-3 PNP
Glider in the PNP version, the set includes the model, engine, regulator and servos. You need to buy a battery, charger, transmitter and receiver on your own.

Key Features:

– The 2.4M wingspan provides stable performance and makes you enjoy long glider flights. – A rugged plastic hull provides flexibility and durability to prevent aircraft damage.
– The model has been equipped with a wheel to facilitate landing.
– Engine size 4023 / 1050KV
– 6 channel version

The new Phoenix 2400 glider from the renowned Volantex RC company. The hull is made of plastic thanks to which it is extremely resistant to falls and impacts. The robust design makes the model behave well during the flight. The model is easy to assemble and does not require a lot of time to assemble.