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SWAN-K1 Pro Radijo bangomis valdomas lėktuvas su priedais

Airplane Specifications:

Brand Name: HEQ

Item Name: Swan-K1 PRO

Material: EPP

Color: Grey

Wingspan: 1200mm

Height: 480mm

Empty Weight: 1.13kg

No-Load Take-off Weight: 1.55kg

Maximum Load weigh: 350g

Motor: 2212 KV980

Propeller: 9060

Flight Time: Fixed-wing Mode 1 hour, Multi-rotor Mode 15min (windless weather)

Recommended Range: 30~40km

Remote Control Distance: 3-5km

Image Transmission Distance: 3-5km

Image Transmission Quality: SD

Charger: 17.2V 4A

Package Size: 550mm*475mm* 185mm

Independent Return: Support

Error Protection: Support

Battery: 4S 5500mah Lipo battery

Suitable Cameras: GoPro5/6/7/8; DJI OSMO Action


Remote Control Specifications:

Frequency: 2.400~2.483GHz

Screen:5.5 inch high brightness display

Endurance time:6-20 hours


Working Current: 140mA


Weight: 530g

Dimension: 190*152*94mm

Remote Charge Port:Type-c cable




lTake off and landing vertically,not room limited.

lEasy operation,it has one-click take-off and landing fuction.

lLight modular airframe, no tools needed, no messy wiring, no complicated connecting procedures.

lSupport adding all kinds of FPV goggles,enjoying FPV flight.

lWith an integrated 2.4GHz 5km video/data/RC transmission system.

lSuitable with action sports camera such as DJI Osmo Action,GoPro 5,6,7,8 etc,Enjoy beauty filming.

lNo control surface, adopting differential steering mechanism to alter the direction.

l40km Flying range.

l1 hour Fixed-wing endurance time, 18min Multi-rotors .

lSafe protection, low-vol/RC loss return-to-home and VTOL assisted protection.


Package Included:

1x HEQ Swan K1 H-WING VTOL Airplane

1x 5.5 inch high brightness Remote Control

1x Power Charger

1x 5500mah 4s Lipo battery

1x 9060 propellers

1x Carrying case

1x Type-C Cable

1x Manual and Disclaimer

1. Does the battery life include the take-off and landing process?
Nominal endurance includes take-off and landing (measured at an altitude of 50 meters in a no-wind environment).

2.How high can the drone fly?
The maximum flight altitude of the drone is 120 meters by default. The user can set it according to the actual situation. The maximum flight altitude is 500 meters.

3. What is the maximum range of the drone?
The maximum range is 25.2km (measured at an altitude of 50 meters in a no-wind environment).

4. What types of sports cameras can be supported?
Gopro 5, 6, 7, 8; DJI osmo action.

5. Does the drone have GPS?
Yes, it can rely on GPS to hover in the Multicopter mode.

6. Does the drone have an airspeed indicator?

7. Can the drone return home with one key?
Yes, you can return home with one key in both Multicopter mode and fixed wing mode.