Kavan Air/Heli 5% nitro 5l

Gamintojas Kavan

Kaina40,00 €


KAVAN AIR/HELI 5% nitro - Glow Fuel for hobby RC aeroplanes/helicopters
Glow fuel with low nitromethane content for hobby and sport flying without a need for high power.

Suitable for two-stroke engines O.S. MAX, ASP, Thunder Tiger etc. and for four-stroke engines Laser.

12% of synthetic and castor oil for reliable operation and perfect lubrication
5% of nitromethane for extremely high power
Optimised mixture of additives for great temperature stability, easy starts and high max. RPM
Corrosion inhibitor for long service life
Blue colour for easy checking of the remaining fuel in the tank (dye doesn't affect the power or setup of the motor)
Developed and made in Germany
Package contains: Canister - 5 litres

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