Hobbywing Eagle 30A

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Hobbywing Eagle 30A šepėteliniams motorams
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Suitable for 480, 500, 540, 550, 600 series DC motors with 2-3S LiPo / Li-ion or 4-10 NiCd / NiMH cells.
For use with NiCd, NiMH, Li-poly, Li-ion batteries
Linear power supply BEC 5 V with load capacity up to 1 A.
Overload protection (when the temperature reaches 110 ° C the controller limits the output).
Protection at low supply voltage (the controller limits the output when the battery voltage drops below 3.0 V / cell for LiPo batteries).
Automatic gas withdrawal in case of loss of control signal.
Continuous linear gas regulation.
Simple setting with jumpers.
Audible signaling of fault conditions: abnormal supply voltage, loss of gas signal, throttle control not switched off when the engine is switched on.

Propeller brake (Off - On).
Optional battery type (Li-poly or NiCd / NiMH).

Start-up protection: If the engine does not start within 2 seconds after the throttle is applied, the controller cuts off the motor.
Thermal overload protection: When the temperature of the controller reaches 110 ° C, the controller starts to limit the output power to reduce its temperature.
Control signal loss protection: The controller limits the power if the signal is missing for 1 s; a signal missing for more than 2 s will cause the motor to completely shut down.
Use Aircraft
Type dc
Continuous current [A] 30
Max. peak current [A] 40
NiXX articles 4 - 10
LiXX articles 2 - 3
BEC voltage [V] 5
BEC proud [A] 1
Length [mm] 45
Width [mm] 21
Height [mm] 8
Weight [g] 21
Regulation one-way
Brake Year
Sensor input Born
Programmable Year

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